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Friends Helping Friends Elberton, GA

Friends Helping Friends Club, Inc.


Friends Helping Friends Club, Inc. (FHF Club, Inc.) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization whose mission is to provide inclusive educational opportunities (school trips, special events, summer camps, school supplies, sensory motor development equipment, special projects, scholarships and more) for Elbert County (GA) students facing special challenges at no cost to the school system or to the students served


FHF Club, Inc. Advisory Board & Board of Directors are comprised of 50 retired and active school superintendents, principals, teachers, nurses, FHF alumni, and other community leaders serving as volunteers (receiving no compensation).

FHF School Clubs

Friends Helping Friends Club (FHF) - Elbert County Middle School (ECMS) & Elbert County High School (ECCHS) service clubs are composed of student members who assist Special Education teachers and their students during FHF trips and events.  

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love...

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Galations 5:6,14

FHF Alumni Officer
Super Bowl Champ X 3 Mecole Hardman, Jr.

FHF Founding Officer Katie McCall's
Special Message 2012

Origin of FHF

Origin of FHF, Special Message from Former GA State Rep. Tom McCall

Bud McCall FHF Elberton, GA

Bud McCall

FHF was founded in 2010, dedicated to the memory of Bud McCall, and has progressively become more involved in providing inclusive opportunities that support students with special needs in Elbert County (EC).


Due to the rapid growth of our club, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, Friends Helping Friends Club, Incorporated was formed in 2014 ensuring that all funds raised by our organization are spent exclusively on Elbert County students as we serve all five Elbert County schools and adult "kiddos" enrolled in Advantage Developmental Disability Services.  It is our hope that our organization continues to grow so that we make an even larger impact in the lives of students.  


We were honored to be voted as a 2022 and 2023 Georgia Business Journal Best of Georgia Winner in the charitable organizations category. It is such an honor and awesome opportunity to serve as an inclusive school club model for the state of Georgia and beyond.

2012 TV Interview about FHF with Tom McCall (former GA State Rep/current GA Farm Bureau Pres).

What We Do

FHF Club, Inc. strives to create lasting relationships with our special needs community, while promoting awareness of the issues they face, opportunities available, and growing our network through direct involvement with our schools and community as we currently spend an average of $15K every three months providing inclusive educational opportunities


We assist children and adults with special needs in every way that we can including planning, funding, and assisting teachers with inclusive educational school trips, Annual Main Events including Mecole Hardman, Jr. Week celebrations, FHF Pageant & Auction, FHF Basketball Game with Mecole, Gwinnett Stripers FHF TripFHF Fun Field Day, FHF Jam Fest & Taste of Elberton, FHF Christmas Banquet, FHF Environmental Fun Day at Richard Russell State ParkFHF Friends of Bekkah VBS Summer Camp & FHF Football Fun Day with Mecole, and providing teachers with school supplies, meals, and adaptive sensory motor development equipment for their students. 


All this and more are provided at no cost to EC students with special needs or to the school system.  More importantly, we/volunteers develop a sincere respect for students facing special challenges, as we provide inspirational opportunities, giving them thanks for the rewarding experiences and lessons THEY are providing for us.

Become a Friend

As you can see, this is an incredible organization providing amazing opportunities for all involved, thanks largely to the generous support of our Friends.  The cost of sending our students on numerous trips and to special events throughout the year and the number of students and adults with special needs we serve continues to grow.  This growth has not only reignited our passion towards guaranteeing our students a successful and positive experience, but it makes you more important than ever.

We hope you will consider being an official FHF Club, Inc. Member.  By doing so, you will be helping us enrich the lives of our students whom we serve (and the lives of our FHF student members) in an extra special way.  When you join our family, you become a reason behind our students’ smiles, the hands cheering them on, and the encouragement that makes such a huge difference in each of their lives.

We would be honored for you to join us before we wind down our annual FHF Club, Inc. Membership Drive.  When finalized, Friends pages (and Friends names on the first four pages) are printed in the handsome 250 page FHF Yearbook displayed at businesses, schools, churches, homes and at FHF events throughout the year.   Platinum and Diamond Friends receive a complimentary FHF photo page (with their logo or name) printed adjacent to their page.  Friends’ names or logos are printed on up to over 2,500 long sleeve sport tech shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, jackets, and tee-shirts worn to FHF events and trips year-round.  FHF apparel, yearbooks, flyers & large framed Friends posters are proudly displayed at FHF events and community events throughout the year which are often aired on Elberton Net TV.  We also proudly post Friends flyers on our FHF Facebook page and here on our FHF Club, Inc. web pages.   It's a Really Great deal and a Win-Win when you invest in our kiddos!!

2016 Scholarship Recipients.jpg

FHF Club, Inc. Membership Opportunities

Join our team and become an official FHF Club, Inc. Member. 

Even though donations are gratefuly accepted any time, annual membership forms are due by December 12th 

in order to meet our printing deadline for the yearbook and apparel.  Be sure to make your pledge early to secure a space in the yearbook and to give us ample time to design page(s) to your complete satisfaction.  


All donations go toward serving Elbert County students & Advantage Health Care adults with special needs.  Everyone involved graciously volunteers to serve without receiving any compensation.  

For all donation details click on this link:  

Annual FHF Club, Inc. Membership Form. 

Any contribution is sincerely appreciated. 

To see our tax documents please click on the link here

Tax Filings 

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