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Friends Helping Friends Club Elberton, GA

Become an FHF Club, Inc. Member

We hope you will consider being an official FHF Club, Inc. Member.  By doing so, you will be helping us enrich the lives of our students whom we serve (and the lives of our FHF student members) in an extra special way.  More so than that, you join our FHF family.  You become a reason behind our students’ smiles, the hands cheering them on, and the encouragement that makes such a huge difference in each of their lives.


Annual Membership Deadline

Even though donations are gratefully accepted any time, the annual FHF Club, Inc. Membership forms are due by December 12th to meet the printer deadline for the yearbook and apparel.  We encourage making pledges early to secure a space in the yearbook and to give us ample time to design page(s) to your complete satisfaction.


In Person

Donations are gratefully accepted by our treasurer Hannah McAvoy at any FHF event.


We have a safe and secure site for you to donate online via PayPal. To give, please click on the link below. 

Mail Your Donation

Mail your donation to:

FHF Club, Inc.

1027 Micliff Drive

Elberton, GA 30635

If you'd like to become an official FHF, Inc. Friend please mail us this form:
FHF Club, Inc.  Membership Form.

Become a Friend

FHF Club, Inc. Membership Opportunities

Please check out our

FHF Club, Inc. Membership Opportunities.

You may also click to download the 

FHF Club, Inc. Membership Form.


Please note that donations received at FHF events may be credited to FHF Club, Inc. Membership!

2023 Friends Helping Friends, Elberton, GA
Thank you Friends.jpg
2023 Friends Helping Friends, Elberton, GA

Proud to display
Friends framed posters
& FHF Yearbooks at
FHF events & community events
throughout the year.

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