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February - FHF Basketball Game with Mecole Hardman

Our Annual basketball game with Mecole Hardman is held at one of the schools during the school day and is not open to the public so that there is enough room for FHF kiddos from all EC schools to attend the event.

The Annual FHF Basketball Game features Mecole Hardman, Jr. leading the FHF Student Team to their undefeated wins each year. Alumni FHF Officer Mecole Hardman, Jr. was a star athlete as a ECMS Ram, scholar athlete as a ECCHS Blue Devil, UGA DAWG and now as a Kansas City Chief Super Bowl Champion X2! FHF Founding Student Officer, Katie Archer serves as Team Captain. Both Hardman and Archer have assisted their team to overwhelming victories (typically beating the Coaches Team by at least 100 points) since 2012!

Schools participate in Spirit Week leading up to the game, including showing a promo video and motivational video of Mecole emphasizing the importance of hard work, good behavior, and having a good attitude especially to their teachers and coaches to be successful later in life. Mecole gives several examples of how hard he worked in school, in the gym, and on the field to get where he is today.

ECCHS & or ECMS Cheerleaders cheer for each FHF player and FHF cheerleader as they are enthusiastically introduced and make their way through the cheerleaders’ tunnel to center court. The event announcer is always entertaining. The referees usually call numerous technical fouls on the coaches for pretty much everything. Some coaches may even be arrested and/or ejected from the game. :)

FHF kiddos unable to attend loud events also cheer for their FHF teammates in a private viewing -thanks to Nat McCarty/ECCHS BDTV who live streams and posts a link of the game so that anyone may watch it in the future. Elberton Net also airs the event highlights on local TV.

FHF Officers Committee members help set up the gym prior to the event. Coach Anya Human and Chrystal Thomas coach the FHF Team. The ECCHS FHF Sponsor Robin Wood gathers uniforms for FHF players and cheerleaders. Mrs. Woods serving as scorekeeper is assisted by Telisa Rucker and Marti Love Terrell. ECMS Sponsor Cheri Dove and ECCHS Sponsor Lynda Farmer supervise FHF members. ECMS Media Specialist Marie Roach takes photos and videos of the event. Chesco Ardister also captures highlights via video.

We are SO proud of our undefeated FHF team! Their hard work at practice with Coach Human and Mrs. Thomas has really paid off. And we are always thrilled for our Super Friend to join us! Mecole has always gone above and beyond to be Super Friends to our kiddos. Even with Mecole's impressive football career success, he continues to be our Super Friend visiting Elbert County kiddos every opportunity he has. That's the real Mecole Hardman, Jr.! Mecole continues to make a huge difference in the lives of Elbert County students!

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*Video produced by Marie Roach



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